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Motorola Syntor X 9000

The Syntor line of mobile radios are synthesized 32 channel radios for VHF and UHF. The Syntors were made in the 1980s and were an outgrowth of the crystal controlled Micor series. The RF frequency information was held in a one-time programmable PROM chip, and the PL tone / DPL code information in a second chip.

The Motorola Syntor X9000 is a great mobile radio, and also makes a great base unit if you have space to hide all the cables. Most SyntorX cable sets are at least 12' long and have close to 50 wires in them. Not to mention mic and speaker cables plus the antenna coax. Admittedly, the power is overkill in most base applications, but you can't ask for a better signal.


There are several power levels of this radio available on the VHF/UHF models. I like the 100 Watt versions on VHF and UHF as it's just enough power and doesn't tax your battery to the limit.